A Prayer of Grief For 2022

Oh Lord I come to thee. I need your comforting touch, my heart is heavy as death surrounds. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters; somebody died this day.

Somebody didn’t wake up this morning, somebody is now in thy presence, somebody stands before you having to give an account for their life here on earth.

But I call on your name right now. Touch us, give us Godly wisdom that we walk right. Lord, we need you right now, we need you to give us purity of thought, purity of walk, purity of talk. Only you Lord you know what’s best. Open our minds to hear you and obey, open our hearts to receive you.

Much is going on around us, we need you to help us Lord, the world has forgotten who you are.  Lord help your people stand up and be counted. Help them do what you have instructed us to do. To be imitators of you, to walk like you, to show love like you, Oh Lord help our unbelief.

Increase our faith Lord so we can tell the world Jesus is alive and he stands right now at the door of their hearts. Help them see you Lord before its too late.  Give them receptive hearts, listening ears, and teachable spirits, so they can hear you. 

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my Prayer. Thank you for loving me despite me and my faults and failures. I will follow thee, wherever you sent me Lord. Strengthen me for the journey. This is thy servant’s prayer. Amen

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