Welcome to the R.A.M. Tabernacle of Praise

R.A.M. is Reaching, Anointing, and Ministering the Word of God.

My name is Pastor Rachel Anne Waddell Addison and it’s an honor and a joy to share all that God has revealed and continues to reveal to me with you.

I’m a Carolina woman, a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, and friend. I’m a registered nurse and retired professor of surgical technology, a retired Colonel of the United States military, and the president and founder of R.A.M. Tabernacle of Praise International Church and R.A.M. Bible Institute.

What is here is here to encourage, enlighten, and energize you so that you can embrace your own greatness in what God has given you. It is my prayer that you are indeed blessed by what you find here and that you remember who and whose you are.

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Remember this scripture:

Consider what I say, and may the lord give you understanding in all things.

2nd Timothy, 2:7 KJV