A Poem By My Sister

A black and white image of two smiling young girls laying on the grass with their bodies close together. Photo by Fikelphi Ndsisile via Pexels.com


Sis. R.A. Addison by B.E. Waddell

S- is for Song

I- is for Introduce. She sings the songs of God, with hope someone to Christ she’ll introduce

S -is for Strength, God gives her everyday. It’s for the Seeds of Love she sows as she walks up the King’s Highway.

R- is for Rock. For it is written in God’s word: A house not built upon a Rock shall fall, for that Rock is the Word.

A -is for Adolescence. A period in her children’s life.

A -is for the Ability she has to show and teach them what is right.

D -is for the Decision she made to give God her life. It’s for the Determination she has to live and do what’s right.

D- is for the Deeds of Love she does each day. It’s for the Desire she has, “Well done,” to hear Christ say.

I- is for the Interest that she shows from day to day. “How are you doing?”, “Can I help you?” For you can depend on me always.

S- is for Sister. Big Sister she is to me.

O- is for Obedient. But not only just to God, but to her Family and Friends. She doesn’t wish to offend anyone, but if some how she does, she won’t run and hide.

N- is for Newness. For as long as you walk in the Newness of Life, one day with Christ you shall abide.

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