“Black and white portrait of a young African-American man, eyes closed and hands clasped, praying devoutly.”

 2 Kings 6:16 Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.(NIV)

2 Chronicles 20: 15 ….the battle is not yours but God”s

JOIN Me as I stand on the promises of GOD

Pray for the Nation, Pray for the World, Pray for Ukraine, the people, the children, the weak, those who can’t defend themselves.

The bible in 1Thessalonian 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

Non-stop praying. How do you do that? Don’t give up! Keep your mind stayed on the things of  God. I encourage you to consider reciting Psalm 23, The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Do this  seven(7) times a day until God gives  you his prayer direction. Pray God intervenes in that WAR in Ukraine. Opening the minds and hearts of the Leaders involved. Bind Satan on every side, send your angels to guard the children, the weak, those who are unable to protect themselves. Lord, we need you right now. People are dying needlessly. Lord, we are waiting on you. I lift my hands to you in  humble praise. Show your mighty hand, protect us from the evil of this world.

Touch the minds of the Russian leadership. Touch right now, turn them around so that love prevails. Let your presence be felt, dip them down in the storehouse of  your love. Trouble them on every side. Oh Lord, fix it right now. Let your mighty presence be felt. Stay their hand, Lord. 

My God, creator of heaven and earth, we will serve you, in the morning, we will serve you, in the noontime, we will serve you all night long. Give us the strength to stand without fear. Lord we know you will lead us and guide us through it all.

Thank you Lord for deliverance. We claim it now and rest in your Word.

 Yes, Lord the Battle is yours. We stand on your Word:  Psalm 23, Psalms 91

You my Lord are an unchanging God in this changing World, our trust is in you. You will keep your word to your children. We belong to you Lord, and thank you for your Love and forgiveness. 

Praise is on our lips as we acknowledge your presence in our life. Thank you Lord for hearing my Pray. Pastor Addison

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